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Antynia Larouse - Footville.comTony, a naughty shoe-seller was counting the shoe pairs after season. He was complaining about still having a couple of boxes from the passing season in his inventory. Than Antynia interrupted him asking for directions. In fact she wasn’t looking for a place to buy shoes but to sell lingerie, she was a salesman of famous lingerie producer. Tony has got a naughty idea and ask Antynia to wear some of her lingerie and maybe he can exchange it for shoes.

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She showed him a few pieces before modeling the ones he liked. Tony figured that Antynia has got one of the most beautiful feet in universe. Her feet were so amazing that he fell in love with her immediately. Tony started massaging, licking and sucking her toes until her pussy got soaking wet. Antynia was ready for drilling session. After she beat his cock with her feet antynia mounted the cock for the ride of her life. Visit website full of hot girls

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Aletta Alien from footvilleShoes-Business wasn’t good lately so our close friend Tony hired his friend to hang out with some flyers. These flyers were designed to promote new discount at Tony’s Shop. There were a text on the flyer saying that only women with beautiful feet would be eligible for the additional discount. Of course the judge deciding whose legs are allowed to get the discount will be the Tony. Few minutes after the flyer commercial started working the first curious customer came in.Enter HERE

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Sexy Aletta walked inside shoe shop waiting for the discount. She showed her beautiful feet to Tony and he was so amazed that gave Aletta the discount immediately, she deserved it. Aletta had nice tits, juicy lips, and best of all the perfect feet. Tony massaged, kissed and licked her toes like feet-maniac. Aletta was finaly so excited that she made a feet-job to Tony. Eventually all situation transform to a nice fuck. When Tony was fulfilled, he blasted on Aletta’s feet with his super huge cum load.

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Natalie from FootvilleNatalie Is a stunning 21 year old girl with beautiful feet. She loves shoe shopping, especially when it’s going to try lots of new shoes. Natalie has got very sensitive feet and trying all these pairs drives her crazy. One time she was on a window shopping with her boyfriend Scott. Than she saw a beautiful shoes inside one of the shops. They went inside when she fell in love with some pair of shoes. CLICK TO SEE MORE Foot Fetish ACTION!

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Luckily the shop was kept by Tony, well known feet sex lover. Scott was completely shocked when Tony told them the price of the shoes that natalie picked. Natalie’s feet was so fabulous that our old nasty friend Tony was crazy about them. He got naughty idea to offer Natalie a deal. Tony wanted to watch when Scott and Natalie are having a feet sex in exchange for the shoes. At first Scott though it is a sick idea but sexy Natalie convinced him very fast.
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